Sentinel Saga

Dahlia Leigh & Olivia Ash


The Shadow Shifter

Mayhem Harem #1

The talking Castle of Asteroth is a place of ancient magic… and it’s dying. Ashlynn is its sole inhabitant and the only one who can restore its power.

Raised from birth to fight the supernatural monsters that live in the Void, Ash is the Sentinel: her world’s last defense against the blood-sucking creatures who would devour everything and everyone in their path.

But not even the Sentinel can fight alone.

Begrudgingly, Ash allows three men chosen by the castle to compete for the right to fight at her side: a shifty demon, a rogue alchemist, and a devastatingly dark shifter prince. These are dangerous men, full of more raw magic and power than Ash has ever seen, and she can’t, for the life of her, understand why the castle allowed any of them inside.

The catch? These three men all want one thing. Her.

Edmund, Darien, and Taegen all have more at stake than they let on. None of them can lose this contest, and one thing is clear: the only way to win a place in the castle is to also win Ash’s heart.

Through blood, war, or treason, each man will do anything to claim her as his own. Anything.

What should have been an easy choice becomes impossible, and as the castle begins to crumble around them, the creatures of the Void smell blood. They’re coming for Ash, for her men, and for her home.

But Ash is a fighter. Come hell or high water, she’ll defend what belongs to her with her life.

The Shadow Shifter is a full-length, slow burn, reverse harem novel. Get ready for a spellbinding story, one badass heroine, three smokin’ hot men, a charming nerd, toned muscles, fights to the death, and edge-of-your-seat action.

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