Demon Queen Saga

Olivia Ash


Princes of the Underworld

Demon Queen’s Harem #1

Four immortal demon princes. One strong-willed human. A bewitched amulet that makes her Queen of the Underworld—and binds the five of them together.

Sadie’s world is crumbling beneath her, and she’s starting to wish for a way out of her lonely life in Seattle. But when her sister Blair arrives unannounced in the middle of the night, covered in blood and carrying a glowing medallion, Sadie has no idea her wish is about to come true in the most violent of ways. 

All of hell is after the amulet’s vast power. And when Blair puts it around Sadie’s neck, all of hell is suddenly after her as well.

Separated from Blair and with hardly any information to go on, Sadie finds herself surrounded by four stunning men—the warring demon brothers of the Underworld. The princes hate each other with a passion, and yet they’re bound to her side, captivated and ensnared by her magic.

In an instant, the amulet gives Sadie everything she ever wanted—wealth, power,  even a fortress with a mind of its own. But she also inherits the amulet’s enemies, and they’re about to kick down her door.

 Sadie has no idea who she can trust—except for her men. As she spends time with each of the supernatural princes who won’t leave her the hell alone, she falls for them. Hard. Though they can’t stand each other, she can’t imagine ruling her new kingdom without them all.

But this is the Underworld, the land of monsters and warlocks, of angels and deadly treachery.

The shadows of the Underworld hold secrets, and as her enemies close in on her new life, Sadie has to make a choice—surrender her newfound power, or stand as Queen and fight for the last remaining ounce of integrity and justice left in the Underworld. 

There are armies at the gate. Traitors in the fortress. Blood on the walls. Good thing Sadie is too damn stubborn to quit.

Princes of the Underworld is a full-length reverse harem novel. Get ready for a captivating story, immortal romance, lip-biting love scenes, earth-shatteringly powerful magic, one kickass heroine, four stunning demon princes, lots of toned muscles, fights to the death, and edge-of-your-seat action.

The Demon Queen Saga: a steamy reverse harem series

  • Book 1: Princes of the Underworld
  • Book 2: Wars of the Underworld (December 2018)
  • Book 3: Mistress of the Underworld (January 2019)

Note: if you love the series, tell the author! Currently, Olivia plans to continue the Demon Queen Saga for up to 18 books if readers chime in and say they love it!

Warning: the Demon Queen Saga is an adult urban fantasy series with explicit scenes and is meant for adult readers who enjoy steamy romance and lip-biting action.

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Wars of the Underworld

Demon Queen’s Harem #2

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Mistress of the Underworld

Demon Queen’s Harem #3

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